Track & Field

Track and Field

When: 6:30pm – 8:00pm on Monday nights from May until August

Location: M.M. Robinson High School, Burlington

Track and Field (Athletics) is one of the original Special Olympics sports and is the most popular worldwide (with 1.9 million people participating). In Burlington, our athletes train during the spring and summer months, taking part in track and field events at weekends. Events are offered for every ability level, from age 8 to adult.

Our Track and Field team is one of the newest addition to Burlington’s Special Olympics community, established in 2015. We train on Monday nights, as soon as weather permits – and we take part in various weekend meets with other Special Olympics teams in the South Central region.

We encourage our athletes to take part in events from 50m right through to 5,000m. We also work on shot put (soft ball to start), standing long jump and running long jump. This season we added mini-Javelin to our repertoire. Most of all, every week we have FUN!!!

Season: May - August

Weather: Assume practice is ON unless you hear via email or Facebook by 5pm! We try not to cancel – only for thunderstorms or extreme heat.